Write for Babylon?

Babylon is the leading Middle East journal in the Nordic countries. It was first published spring 2003, and has since had two issues per year. The articles are mainly published in the Scandinavian languages, but the journal will in certain cases publish English submissions from non-Scandinavian authors. The articles are received from the leading Middle East research environments in the Nordic countries.

Contributions to the Journal should be written in a Scandinavian language. Exceptions are made for persons who do not master one of these. As of 01/2009 the Journal has preformed double-blind peer review.

Babylon does not provide a honorarium for its authors.

A precondition for the submitted articles is that they have not previously been published, nor are under consideration elsewhere. Contributions should be sent to artikler@tidsskriftetbabylon.com.

The Babylon prize

The Journal has since the 2009 volume handed out the Babylon prize of 5000 Norwegian kroner. The prize is awarded to the best contribution from the younger researchers in the previous volume. A committee composed of the editorial board and the editor is responsible for the awarding of the prize at the spring release party. The first award was handed out spring 2010.

Manuscript standard

Babylon values communicative and argumentative strength. Our formats are articles, debate contributions and reviews. Articles should be between 4000-4600 words. Standard length for book and film reviews is 900 words.

Manuscripts should be submitted in Times font size 12, with 1,5 line spacing, and 2,5 cm margins. Paragraphs should be marked with indentations. Titles of books should be in ”quotation marks”. Please avoid hard formatting in Word or any form of layout change as our typesetter does this in a separate programme.

Articles in Babylon are published with endnotes and without parentheses references in the text, footnotes or bibliographies. Endnotes must be enumerated with numeral 1, 2, 3 etc. Authors are asked to avoid or limit explanatory endnotes. Examples of how to reference are found below.

Contributors are asked to formulate a very brief abstract (30–40 words) and clearly highlight three or four sentences in the text that can be enhanced in the page layout. The title of the article should not be more that 40 characters including spaces. Contributors should attach the following information about themselves in a separate paragraph: Name, title, institutional affiliation, and, if desired, a relevant publication.

For a book to be relevant for review in Babylon it must have been published in a Scandinavian language or English. Book reviews, in addition to the name of the reviewer, must contain the following information on the book: author, title, year of publication and publishing house.

Films that are to be reviewed must be widely available for a Scandinavian audience, either through the cinema or by being available for purchase in stores or on the Internet. Film reviews, in addition to name of reviewer, must contain the following information on the film: name of the director, title, country and year.



Maalouf, Amin: Korstogene sett fra arabernes side. Oslo: Pax forlag, 1998, p. 24.

Articles in journals/books:

Baram, Amatzia: “Neo-Tribalism in Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Tribal Policies 1991-96”, in International Journal of Middle East Studies, vol. 29, nr. 1, 1997, pp. 1-31.

Newspaper articles:

Mazzetti, Mark: “Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat”, in The New York Times, New York, 23. September 2001.


“Iraq: Building a New Security Structure”, International Crisis Group. Middle East Report No 20, 23. December 2003, http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?1=1&id=2433 (04.03.2010)


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